IQAC a part of the institution’s system and work towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of institutions.

IQAC Composition

Dr. Kishor G. Rewatkar, Chairperson

Dr Umesh Tulaskar, Member (Secretary)

Dr Naina S Shirbhate, Member (Vice Principal)

Mr Mukesh Hulkey, Member (Administrative Officer)

Dr Velpulla Rajesham, Member (Asst Prof & Head, Dept of English)

Dr Nitin R Akuj, Member (Asst Prof, Dept of English)

Dr Rahul G Gajbhiye, Member (Asst Prof, Dept of Chemistry)

Miss Shital W Awaghade, Member (Asst Prof, Dept of Chemistry)

Mr Sadanand R Sarve, Member (Asst Prof, Dept of Physics)

Dr Chandrakant Satpute, Member (Director, Physical Education)

Dr Pramod Alone, Member (Librarian)

Mr Bhupendra Shahane, Member (Industry Representative)

Mr Rahul Dandekar, Member (Student Representative)

Mr. Abhishek Shende, Member (Student Representative)

Miss. Shweta Pangul, Member (Alumni Representative)

Dr Manohar S Ambatkar, Co-ordinator